Ali Nemerov Wei Emily Rales by Horn Roni Indiana Roni Horn Jerry Gorvoy Gary zmax633d21570-Sports et loisirs

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Ali Nemerov Wei Emily Rales by Horn Roni Indiana Roni Horn Jerry Gorvoy Gary zmax633d21570-Sports et loisirs

A leading figure in contemporary art Roni Horn addresses wide- ranging issues such as nature ecology identity landscape and language. Her sculptures drawings photographs and installations intermingle material and context aiming to complicate the relationships among object subject and viewer. This two-volume catalogue features works such as Ant Farm a living colony of ants sealed between two panes of glass; Pink Tons a four-ton cube of casted pink glass; and Gold Field a sheet of pure annealed gold that measures a fraction of a millimeter thick. Also included are an engaging essay by artist Gary Indiana; a photo-essay by Jerry Gorovoy Director of the Easton Foundation; and a personal statement by the artist.


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Africa&s Winds of Change Memoirs of an International Tanzanian

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